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The Best Private Outcall Massage Services in Bali That You Can Trust

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Why Do You Need Our Professional Therapist In Bali?

One of the favourite things you can get is an outcall massage in Bali. You are seeking not only health and peace but also fulfil your desire. We are experts for years as Private Outcall Massage services in Bali. We also understand your needs. Get the best one from our trained and professional therapist.

Bali is the most exotic island in Indonesia, we are aligned with Bali’s landscape. Enjoy this exotic island with joy. Check our package, and feel the different experience. We respect your privacy, we created Best, Special packages for you.

Beauty of Bali

Our Massage Features


Fully trained and long experience masseur or therapist. They will keep your body feels what the need. Consult and we understand, let our hand do it with the art of massage technique.

Best Oil

We do not “play” in this area. We want to make sure you get the best one. We aware this is the important thing, we don’t make a consideration anymore.


We respect you and the body. Make it clean after the massage session is a must. We always bring a clean towel for each session


Privacy is your right and we respect it. There is no other statement for it. period.

Our Massage Packages

Best Package

IDR 150.000

  • Balinese Massage
  • Aroma therapy
  • Chill music
  • Best Oil
  • Clean towel
  • Fast response*
  • 60 minutes per session

Special Package

IDR 350.000

  • Get all benefit of Best Package
  • Sensual massage
  • 90 minutes per session

*Schedule will be created at least 2 hours after the booking. Your call and please don’t hesitate to discuss with us

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Free Up Your Stress and Desire, Surrounded With Chill and Relax

You can talk to us freely, our friendly call center will help you found the best services you want. We make it easy for you.